“It’s been my lifelong dream to live in LA. I’ve always felt such a strong pull to this city,” Sabryna says.  “I had a gut feeling this was where I belonged and could succeed as an artist.  I truly believe we create our own destiny by positive thinking and self-­‐belief.”   

Born Sabryna on the small Channel Island of Guernsey, Sabryna’s a global citizen whose cultural experience undeniably contributes to her international appeal.  Growing up between New Zealand and England, she spent two formative years of her life traveling to every continent in the world thanks to her parents’ desire to have her learn the beauty of human diversity firsthand.   

“My parents taught me to be humble, to treat everyone with respect and do the right thing no matter the circumstances,” Sabryna says fondly of her time learning in regions as multifarious as Chile, Egypt and the Australian Outback.  “We traveled to every continent other than Antarctica.  It was an incredible experience.”       

It was in New Zealand where Sabryna discovered music at the age of 12, taking vocal lessons and writing her first songs.  At 16, she moved to England by herself to attend the performing arts school Hurtwood House, dreaming of emulating her icons Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Mary J. Blige, and Beyoncé.  By the time college rolled around, Sabryna was ready to head to the United States with just one school in mind: Berklee College of Music.  “I chose Berklee College of Music in Boston because of its reputation as being the best contemporary music school in the world,” she says. “I also worked hard to study Music Business, to gain a better understanding of exactly how the industry worked.”   

Although she excelled in her performance and studies, and was offered contracts by several local modeling agencies, Sabryna’s time in Boston was short.        

“I met the most incredible and talented people at Berklee, but I found myself miserable in class.  I found myself spending most of my time writing essays and doing homework than actually singing and creating music,” she says.  “I was losing my passion and growing frustrated and unhappy.  I wanted to start working as an artist and building a career.  I knew in my heart the right thing for me was to leave school.”   

Describing her sound as “Pop with strong house and R&B influences”, she has worked with artist/songwriters like Candice Pillay, producers like Dem Jointz (who’s worked with everyone from Dr. Dre to Janet Jackson) and most recently Hannibal Hector (The Nominees) who works with Eric Bellinger). In addition, record industry notables like Jean Nelson, President of A&R for Sony Blueprint/Maverick Group and Yaasiel “Success” Davis, A&R for Atlantic Records have met with her and are tracking her progress.

Not only does Sabryna want to make a splash as a music artist, she also plans to keep her love of fashion and modeling front and center.  "I'm really inspired by strong women who aren't afraid to take risks in fashion.  I particularly love Rihanna's style, as she's always outside the box,” she says excitedly.  "I also really admire women who can appear extremely sexy without revealing a lot of skin.  I see many girls who think that in order to attract attention, they must show off their bodies, but this look can have the opposite effect if worn too repetitively.  As I've grown up, I've really enjoyed experimenting with my style and finding different looks to express myself."           

While the entertainment industry she’s about to enter can be anything but simple, Sabryna’s vision is clear.  “I truly believe in my heart that this is what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.  I therefore have no choice but to succeed.””