High quality design and workmanship provides for an enhanced tech experience – Gadgik! Promise.



In 2014, Alleviance Inc. launched our Gadgik! brand of accessories with the goal of providing higher quality, longer lasting products to enable consumers to get the most enjoyment out of the devices they love.

Gadgik! is a registered Alleviance Inc. brand producing mobile device accessories, offering innovative designs with best in class quality. A veteran owned small business, we design, qualify, test, inspect, and package all of our products in Arlington, Texas, USA. 

To this end, we have partnered with several reverse logistics and device repair organizations as a bulk priced supplier of custom cabling and adapters in support of their production/quality testing, content verification and software flashing stations. The volume of product processed across each cable/adapter configuration has allowed us to implement best in class improvements for our consumer products, while providing world class support to our business partners.

We look forward to exploring and engaging in new opportunities with your lifestyle in mind! Thank you and welcome to Gadgik.com.




       Integrity. Camaraderie. Innovation. Versatility. Introspection. Loyalty.


Gadgik! will meet the highest quality standards in all areas of mobile device technology through research, testing and innovation.

Gadgik! will seek to excel in quality without compromising the eco-friendly environment.

Gadgik! will create an environment of great workmanship and high-standard professionalism. 

Gadgik! will push to create new and innovative mobile device technology designs. 



To provide the highest possible standard in quality, longevity, innovation and enjoyment out of our everyday device accessories.